Riddle Riddle🤗



What is that one thing that almost all youths are fascinated about??

The moment they hear of it their hearts skip a beat.

What is that one thing that keeps people joyful ,especially the youths, that immediately they just want to tap into it😂😂

I know right… 😅

Just tap into the anointing🏃🏾

What is that one thing?

And when they try connecting to it and they see the message… 👇🏾

“type in the required password”

They get so bored and go like OMG 😱 really?


This one thing is called “Wi-Fi ”

So well, let’s do a little shifting cultivation here🤗…

Have you realized that Faith is just like Wi-Fi… 😇

The only difference is that this is a well modernized Wi-Fi 🙌🏾…

You need no password

There are no problems like it being too slow ,

Or like you needing a password to access it

Like “mtn” every where you go you will find it 😃

Like Airtel, you just feel free when using it 😎

This open network *Faith*,

Is actually problemless😅

Haha yeah right 😂I know there’s no word like that🙈

Wait, lemme break it down…

Any one is entitled to this Wi-Fi dubbed Faith😊

The world says ” seeing is believing ” But my Father says to “Believe is to see…To see things you never imagined come alive😄

Just tap into this open network=Faith and see the flow of Christ come alive in ya life😇😇

Tap into Faith right now and it will definitely connect you to whatever you need 👌


#I’m connecting to this network Faith, right this second💃💃💃… What about you??


#WiFi= A technology that  provides network connectivity so one can connect to the internet for free

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The Power Of His Resurrection


On this day

On this day the greatest sacrifice was made

This man, Jesus only 33 years of age

He was molested, He was beaten mercilessly 

In fact after all these,He was nailed to the cross

While on the cross, His side was pierced 

Just when the devil thought he had won

Water came out of His side, the whole world became night

And light came defeating the night

The curtains in the synagogue torn apart

The demons started running…. 

After this, this man Jesus died

He was buried in a tomb

But after 3 days, just 3 days,He rose up from the dead

He is risen! What a wooooow! The power of His resurrection! 

Jesus Christ has defeated the devil

As we celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, 

Know that His resurrection power still exist today

Cast your cares on God,and watch Him bring your Passions,Relationships and Dreams, BACK TO LIFE. 

Because of Christ, we can walk in Freedom and Power everyday

The same Power that raised Christ from the dead lives in the life of every believer

Because of what He did,we can have HOPE, PURPOSE AND VICTORY today and everyday! 

He Is Risen


The Game of Life

Life is not easy

Life is not fair

Life is full of ups and downs but they’ll surely pass…

At some point in time you’re losing 

At another point you’re winning

Sometimes too you’re stuck and you don’t know what to do… 

Nevertheless like a chameleon we can always adjust ourselves to this Game of life🙅

Each phase of life we overcome makes us stronger 🙌

Sometimes what we face may bend us😫

Sometimes it may make us weak😔

But NB  👉 it can never break us😌

These stages of life are just “test of times”

Do not be discouraged 

Discouragement is a killer of good efforts 🔫

Pay no attention to it 🔭

You’ve got the creator of life by your side God🔮

You’ve got a mind that can be renewed to say no to failure😎

You’re an overcomer

Only believe, be encouraged 

This game of life isn’t over yet👌

Esme writes…

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The Mindset Series 

For as a man thinketh  so is he… 

This verse here tells us how important and powerful our mind is…

​Life is a rope that swings us through hope… Yesterday might be bad but you’ve always been given a second which is  “Today” to make things better …and this hope is what keeps me going in life..

You can also grasp this truth, let it sink deep into your heart and mind and you’ll begin to see the activation of goodness in your life. 

Esme writes 

#The mindset Series

#Jah Bless👌

The Mindset Series

One of the powerful tools you posses as a human is your “mind”,your mindset… Once you make up your mind to do something you can do it.. Don’t mind the circumstances, even when you fall you’ll still rise up and make it… The world wasn’t created in a day😉

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A Time to Give 

A time to give is a time to show love.

To give is to love.

Giving without love is equivalent to Cos90,zero.

A time to give is a time to show remorse, 

Not a time to show off. 

A time to give is not time bound,

Thus you can give at anytime and anywhere.

A time to give is a time when you can give to anyone.

Giving doesn’t look at the personality

Or reason for giving, 

Giving is done freely from the heart with love.

A time to give is not a time wasted,

But rather is a time where you invest,

You invest into the blessings of God. 

A time to give is a time when you’re given the platform to receive ,

Giving is an opportunity to receive. 

Some say we make a living by what we get,

But truth is we make a living by what we give

So give freely with love,

And you shall surely receive bountifully from The Most High God


Esme writes

Esme wishes you all a Blessed New Month… 

Letter to my Valentine



Dear Valentine,

I remember that fateful day when I accepted to give you my all

I remember when I decided to let go off the things of the world just to be with you

I remember and it’s been a while now



I know I’m not perfect.

I keep messing around almost always…

Instead of my life being a Christ like message to people, my life is almost equivalent to a mess.

Nevertheless in all of these… I’m sure of one thing,

I know you my God(my Valentine) is a constant.

I know your love for me never expires but rather your love continues to inspire me…

Your love inspires me each day and no matter what my weakness or messes may be,

I know I can still run back to you.

Therefore, I’ll not be weary but continue to rest in the Blossom of your Love.

Your undying and steadfast Love for me.

Yours faithfully,




#Psalm 86:15

But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.

Esme writes©

Ungood? You think?

The Vital Lens

Thanks for all your support on the previous post. I believe we’re all ‘New Schoolers’ now. How’s New School treating y’all? You can read New School here though. I pray God keeps us and gives us ideas. Watch out for EarPeace (a series) though. It’s coming soon!

So I have interacted with a whole lot of people and I’ve met different kinds. I’ve experienced different phases of particular people. The happy times, the dark times, the ugly times, the annoying times, the totally indifferent times. (And I’m still very god at stating the obvious, aren’t I?) I’m quite certain most of you have experienced a variety of people. Yes, we all have problems, don’t we? Also, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Out of the different phases people have gone through with me, one of them that keeps bugging me is the ‘not-believing-in-self’ phase. Of course, we can all…

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Inspiration Today 

Daily Digest 😉

At the first glance one might not understand why I put it there that “Faith is a trust, the kind of trust you cannot give to man.”

Well lemme break it down…

Who is reliable, who is trustworthy, who is the ancient of days, who has no beginning and end?

Looking at all these attributes stated above, we find out that man can never have all these qualities, man might have some but not all. 

Can you trust man who has a beginning and an end,someone who will die and leave you alone? 

No! So in the end the only one you can trust and have Faith in is our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Sit down, pause, read again and grasp this truth… 
Romans 15:13

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
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#Stay blessed


Holy Spirit Series 

Episode 10

Sorry for the delay readers

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Today we would look at the last phase of the Holy Spirit baptism which is *TESTING*. 
*Matthew.4:1 Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil.*
Beloved Jesus also went through the 3 phase or process that goes into the Holy Spirit’s baptism. Ooh yeah. He was submerged, soaked and was finally tested. In the scripture above the Holy Spirit Himself led Jesus to be tested. Why? Because the Holy Spirit had to affirm the previous 2 processes He took Jesus through. The previous process was where he placed abilities, wisdom, discipline and endurance in you. Now after it all He brings you into the outside world to live and prove the success of those processes. I know you speak in tongues, prophesy, write inspirations like me and may sing because during the submerging and soaking of the Spirit those abilities were awakened in you. But now in testing you prove your chastity, loyalty and faithfulness to the Lord God and His word. Finally the purpose of the Testing of the Spirit is to mature and perfect you even as you walk in His fruit called love. Now I declare even by the revelation and inspiration of God through his word may you have an encounter with the Holy Ghost through baptism this season in Jesus name!
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🖊By: Sebastian Appiah🙇🏻

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